Bombers close the Banks

WINNIPEG – Request: not granted. After demanding his release, Korey Banks has now been placed on the suspended list by the Blue Bombers. Banks has left the team and gone home and will not be receiving a paycheck in the meantime.

The saga all began when Banks was beaten out for his starting linebackers job by Johnny Sears in training camp. Banks was placed on the one game injured list and did not play in the team’s season-opening victory against the Argonauts but there was much speculation Banks was really a healthy scratch. General Manager Kyle Walters was shopping Banks around on the trade block late last week and then Banks asked for his release over the weekend.

Head Coach Mike O’Shea at his daily media briefing Monday said the reason to suspend Banks instead of granting his release was purely a business decision.

“Obviously, if you have an asset you’re not just going to let it go on the street.” said O’Shea. “And obviously when a player comes to you and wants to be released there’s that chance that now other players will want come and get released. Why would you do that? It’s just not a …read more

Global News Winnipeg: Bombers close the Banks

Bombers close the Banks