Portage Diversion prepares for second flood crest

WINNIPEG — Water levels at the Portage Diversion in Manitoba remain high, with the second crest expected Monday or Tuesday.

Assiniboine River flows at the Portage Reservoir were at 47, 600 cubic feet per second Sunday and were expected to increase throughout the day. Flows are expected to peak at 52,000 to 53,000 cfs, and will remain high for two days following the second crest.

Flood infrastructure has significantly strengthened the Portage Diversion and the Assiniboine River dikes, Manitoba flood officials said. The diversion and the dikes are in good condition and are expected to manage the forecast flows.

The second crest passed Brandon, Man., at 9 a.m. Saturday. Local rain caused the river to rise slightly, with water expected to remain near crest levels for another day or so.

Wind warnings were issued Sunday for the South Basin of Lake Winnipeg and the southern shorelines of Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis, Lake of the Woods and Dauphin Lake.

The Hoop and Holler Bend remains ready to use for a controlled breach if an urgent situation arises.

The Red River Floodway levels have declined and the gates have started to be lowered. The operation of the floodway will gradually be shut down, the province said.

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Global News Winnipeg: Portage Diversion prepares for second flood crest

Portage Diversion prepares for second flood crest