Pro-Palestinian protesters rally for Gaza

WINNIPEG – Outrage has sparked around the world on the twelfth day of Israel’s military offensive in Gaza.

Protests were held throughout the world including Winnipeg where hundreds of pro-Palestinians gathered at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

“Free free Palestine, free free Palestine. Stop the killing stop the hate, stop the killing stop the hate,” chanted the crowd.

“In our country in Palestine, Jerusalem, and even Israel they can’t walk around and be safe, you wake up in the morning and you don’t know if you’re going to go home at night,” said pro-Palestinian rallier Husni Zeid.

On Thursday Israel launched a ground invasion in Gaza after an already high military offensive started earlier this month when three Israeli teens were kidnapped and killed.

Reports say over 300 Palestinians have died, a thousand more have been wounded, and just as many homes destroyed. Numbers that have many Canadian-Palestinians’s concerned for family and friends back home.

“I’m very worried about them, I haven’t heard from them, I haven’t been able to reach them and of course you worry about your family but you worry about everyone else there,” said Bassam Hozaima, Canada-Palestine Support Network.

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Global News Winnipeg: Pro-Palestinian protesters rally for Gaza

Pro-Palestinian protesters rally for Gaza