Charleswood store closes for good

WINNIPEG – The family-run Charleswood Department Store has been a neighbourhood staple for 58 years but on Sunday it closed.

“We said we have to go there for the last day,” said 30-year customer Gloria Olson.

Opening in 1956, Ike Kraut spent his life running the store he opened until he passed away from a sudden heart attack two months ago at the age of 81.

Now everything in the store must go while the family follows Ike’s wishes, who was planning on closing the store when he retired.

“It’s hard the last day, he had a lot of loving customers that were very loyal to him,” said Ike’s daughter-in-law, Harriet Kraut.

Like MaryAnn Kurtz who has been shopping at the boutique for 45 years and remembers Ike well.

“Very nice, very nice, and all the ladies liked him, he looked after them well,” said Kurtz.

“He was always friendly and knew what you wanted, he’d say I’ve got just what you want and he’d go and pick something up and he was right,” said Olson.

Along with being a friendly man, customers remember his kindness fondly too.

“My sister-in-law shopped here for years and she became incapable of coming out and he’d let me take all the stuff …read more

Global News Winnipeg: Charleswood store closes for good

Charleswood store closes for good