MPI offers new winter tire loan for drivers

WINNIPEG-It’s a program to help reduce the number of collisions on Winnipeg roads this winter.

Manitoba Public Insurance created and implemented the new Get a Grip program Monday, offering a low-interest loan to help drivers afford winter tires.

MPI’s Brian Smiley said Tuesday, “this loan is low cost, prime plus two per cent, will allow them to purchase the snow tires again at a reasonable cost and up to 48 months.”

At the Kal Tire Shop on Pembina Avenue, racks and racks of wheels already stocked for the upcoming season. 10,000 tires ready at the six locations across Winnipeg.

“Through my store alone we’ve done at least 50 to 75 in the last 24 hours,” Kal Tire’s Patrick McDevitt said Tuesday. “We’ve been fielding a bunch of phone calls. Morning, lunch time, and night. Based on that, we’ll be doing 30 to 50 per cent more than last year.”

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The financing program is offered for winter tires up to $2,000 and 48 months. For example, if you finance $1,000 in new snow tires over 12 months, you will pay an extra $85.25 extra a month on your insurance. Two years will cost you an …read more

Global News Winnipeg: MPI offers new winter tire loan for drivers

MPI offers new winter tire loan for drivers