Four-year-old parking ticket haunts Thompson woman

WINNIPEG -It’s a $300 parking ticket Jo-Ann Adam says there is no way anyone in her family could have gotten.

“I couldn’t actually fathom what it was, actually,” said Adam.

Last week, her partner received the ticket in the mail.

Someone parked in a handicapped zone on Rorie Street on October 4, 2010.

Adam says three weeks earlier she sold that vehicle and cancelled the licence plates. She even has documentation from Manitoba Public Insurance showing the licence plate history. Adam lives in Thompson.

“I could fax them all the information I have and that we no longer own this vehicle and that the plates were canceled,” said Adam. “There should be someone able to help us.”

Adam says she spent around three hours on the phone being transferred from different city departments.

“I just find it really frustrating that they put me through to so many people and I talked to three or four people and nobody passed me on to a manager to deal with this,” she said.

Adam was sent an email by the Winnipeg Parking Authority that said if she wanted to dispute the ticket she would have to appear in person to the office at 494 Portage Avenue before going …read more

Global News Winnipeg: Four-year-old parking ticket haunts Thompson woman

Four-year-old parking ticket haunts Thompson woman