Mayoral candidates make final push for votes

WINNIPEG – Robert-Falcon Ouellette wants Winnipeggers to vote with their hearts, not their heads. The latest polls have him in third, behind Judy Wasylycia-Leis and Brian Bowman, but Ouellete believes that could be because of strategic voting.

“I don’t think people are voting for Brian, I think they’re trying to vote against Judy and I think that’s the wrong approach, you end up with the same old every time,” said Ouellete.

A Global/680 CJOB poll have Bowman and Wasylycia-Leis in a statistical tie.

In all previous polls Wasylycia-Leis was the clear front runner.

But political analyst and former pollster Christopher Adams says there has been a strategic shift.

“I think Gord Steeves as well as Robert-Falcon Ouellete and others, their votes are moving to the front running candidates and that’s not totally surprising,” said Adams. “It’s not one single factor that caused that vote to deteriorate, it’s the votes shifting over to the other two.”

And that has the top two also changing their strategies, with Wasylycia-Leis trying to tell voters Winnipeg can’t afford Bowman and his promises, and Bowman saying a vote for anyone else, is a vote for Judy.

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Global News Winnipeg: Mayoral candidates make final push for votes

Mayoral candidates make final push for votes