Winnipeg Air Force personnel heading to Iraq

WINNIPEG – Winnipeg based Air Force personnel are gearing up to head out to the Middle East Wednesday afternoon.

The operation, dubbed Operation Impact, is part of coalition effort to help security forces in Iraq do battle with terror group ISIS and will include members from 17 Wing in Manitoba.

Senior Air Force staff are expected to be in attendance at a special send-off early Wednesday afternoon. The team will meet with Canadian Air Force members and their families prior to deployment.

The first Canadian fighter jets took off from Cold Lake, Alberta on Tuesday to join the fight.

Those six jets will be stationed in Kuwait.

The team will be operating under tight security while overseas and in light of Monday’s attack in Quebec, security will also be increased at their home base for military personnel and families.

“The reality is we are constantly assessing the force protection measures that we need to have in place to protect our personnel and their families. From a threat that could very well be here in Canada,” said Colonel Eric Kenny, from 4 Wing Cold Lake.

Canada’s mission against ISIS is scheduled to last six months but could be extended.

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Global News Winnipeg: Winnipeg Air Force personnel heading to Iraq

Winnipeg Air Force personnel heading to Iraq